Who We Are

Because we are a company that believes in delivering happiness, nostalgia, and good memories one ice cream at a time, Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck (NIC Truck) is a business that focuses on its motto “Fun right here right now.”

We also believe in accentuating the positive, acknowledging great work, great effort, and great achievement.  These accomplishments should be recognized for the attainment of common goals and service to others. That’s why NIC Truck provides parents, schools, neighbors, businesses, organizations, and event planners opportunities to honor excellence with fun.

To satisfy your ice cream cravings we offer truck routes to your neighborhood.  In addition, we also have available parties, events, fundraisers, and ice cream gift basket services.

NIC Truck provides a variety of frozen treat options. From ice cream cones, cups, pints, half gallons to ice cream bars, sandwiches, popsicles, special novelties etc. NIC Truck has something nice and cold to satisfy any palate.

Our goal is to keep our customers smiling all year long, so we created an innovative ice cream model where we deliver ice cream year round. Seeing sweet smiles on our customers’ faces, 12 months a year is quite rewarding.

We have something for everyone. All delivered with friendly neighborhood service and smiles. NIC Truck connects with the communities we serve, bringing our personal touch one neighborhood at a time.

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